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Types Of Drumsticks



Most often, drummers use standard, basic sticks



Brushes are quieter than sticks and used for those softer effects in jazz, pop, and ballads.



Mallets are used with several percussion instruments and are capable of producing a variety of sounds.



Rods are louder than a brush but quieter than a stick. They’re excellent for low-volume acoustic performances.

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Why Buy Drumsticks From Us?

Besides your drums and cymbals, drumsticks are very important tools in a drummer’s armory. and are often an afterthought to a new drummer, but that’s a big mistake, which can easily be avoided! Drumsticks can look alike, but there are some subtle differences between the different models.

The differences between drumsticks come down to the material they’re made out of, such as different types of wood or plastic, and the shape of the drumstick which is identified by a numbering system (see our FAQ section)

Many of our drumstick models are available in 3 different sizes, so you’ll be sure to find one that matches your drumming style, whether you’re strictly acoustic or a heavy metal drummer, we have a style to fit your needs.

Drumsticks USA can help you achieve that perfect sound….

Our Drumsticks are only made of high-quality wood and come in various types of wood length and diameter.

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